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Looking for a unique design touch that truly sets your home apart? Look no further than the treasures of Morocco. Because each piece is handmade, no two Moroccan rugs are ever quite alike. And that’s what makes them so incredibly special. The style. The colours. The patterns and designs. They all represent a unique moment in time. What that artist from that tribe was feeling as the carefully wove together the rug strand by strand.

Though they all share a similar beauty, there is quite a variety when it comes to choices of Moroccan rugs. MarraMarket offers a wide range of styles, including Azilal, Beni Ourain, Beni Mrirt, Boucherouite, Boujad and Zanafi rugs.
Each style originates from a different location and tribe, with local traditions, styles, and nature all playing a role in the unique designs. Regardless of style, all of our Moroccan rugs begin with freshly sheared wool from free range sheep. After a wash in a local stream, the wool is woven into thick yarn, and dyed using pigment from local fruits, spices, and plant leaves. After soaking in its rich tones while drying in the warm Moroccan sun, local artisans begin to build their piece of art by weaving and knotting their yarn on a loom, using local technique and traditions passed down for generations. 
The result is a piece of art that tells the story of that artist, their tribe, and the unique slice of Morocco they call home. In addition to Moroccan rugs, we also carry poufs (floor cushions), pillows, and blankets, all of which feature the same handmade quality and beauty of our rugs. No matter what you’re looking for to complete your unique interior design idea, our Moroccan treasures will surpass anything you could have ever dreamed of. 

Product Stories 


Known for their bold patterns and colours, Azilal rugs originate from tribes high in the Atlas Mountains. Often starting with a cream base, artisans use a single knot technique to weave in brightly-coloured designs and patterns with yarn dyed from local plants.     

Beni Ourain

Landing on the more subtle side of Moroccan rug designs, Beni Ourain rugs are most often found in white and cream colour tones with minimal, muted designs woven within. Originating from the Beni Ourain tribe in the middle Atlas Mountains, these rugs perfectly compliment almost any contemporary home design.

Beni Mrirt

Coming from the western part of the mid-Atlas Mountains, Mrirt style Moroccan rugs are most often found in rich ivory shades, and woven in a manner that makes them incredibly soft and dense, making them the perfect addition to any living room interior design project.


An extremely bold Moroccan rug design, Boucherouite is a style crafted by multiple tribes using scraps of various wool and fabric. Designed more for wearable warmth than as a décor piece, each of these extremely durable rugs is completely unique based on the materials used.


Most often featuring pink, red, and orange hues, Boujad rugs are crafted by Berber tribe artisans using a tight knotting technique that allows for less wool to be used, and for more intricate designs to be incorporated into the rug.


Named after the Zanafi tribe in the high Atlas Mountains, these rugs are known for their black and white colour palette and tightly woven designs that allow for intricate patterns that bring a touch of class to any room.