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About MarraMarket

The story of MarraMarket begins in 2015 during my first trip to Marrakech.

I was immediately enamored by the winding alleyways of the old Medina, where each turn leads to new Moroccan treasures. As you browse shop after shop in the Medina’s souks – Arabic for “marketplace” – your senses come alive. The sights. The sounds. The smells. The colours. It all blends together into a mesmerizing experience. One that fills you with a feeling unlike any you’ve ever had before.

Throughout this trip, there was one thing that kept me coming back to the souks again and again – the beautiful handmade Moroccan rugs. A lifelong lover of fashion and interior design, I could not get over the incredible craftsmanship and artistry of the rugs. It was as if each one was trying to tell me a story. A tale about the tribes and traditions that call Morocco home.

Needless to say, several rugs returned with me that trip, and immediately became the focal and talking point of every room. My friends and family in Vancouver could not get over how dramatically transformed my spaces became when I brought these old-world pieces of art into my home. And almost immediately, they began asking how they could do the same.

And thus, MarraMarket was born.

Today, I use the skills honed over years in the fashion industry and my love of interior design to curate the absolute best mix of Moroccan rugs, poufs, pillows, blankets and more. Each piece we discover and deliver to our customers is handcrafted with care under the Moroccan sun, with no two pieces ever quite the same. This means that every item we carry is not only uniquely Moroccan… it’s uniquely yours, too.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, MarraMarket curates a collection of Moroccan rugs for both local shoppers and interior designers via our showroom, and distributes nationwide through our online marketplace. We are fortunate to work with some of the best interior designers in Canada, and have had our wares published in House and Home, Western Living, Style at Home, Architectural Digest, and AD Spain.      


Kathy Sinclair, Founder, MarraMarket

About Kathy Sinclair

The story of my life has been written by design.

For years I dedicated myself to the fashion industry, primarily as a buyer. Scouring the globe for the latest design trends, I developed a passion for cultivating relationships with unique designers and artisans. I became obsessed with unearthing those true one-of-a- kind pieces, and fell in love with finding timeless designs that shined in contemporary settings.

It wasn’t long before this love of design moved beyond fashion and into interior design, architecture, and photography. I had always loved decorating my own spaces, and as my skills as a fashion buyer developed, I found myself in a unique position to source eclectic and unique pieces for my home, unlike anything people had ever seen before. Soon enough, friends were asking for help in decorating their own rooms, especially after I returned from a fateful trip to Morocco in 2015, and added a series of beautiful handmade Moroccan rugs to my home.

These days, as the Founder of MarraMarket, I have the incredible pleasure of spending my time doing something I could not be more passionate about. It brings me immense joy to share my skills and love of design with the world, and I hope I have the chance to share these passions with you too.

Happy travels, Kathy